Summary: Responses to Italian origins of Bohemian Jewry #austria-czech

Paul King <samorai@...>

On 28 September 2006 I asked for responses about Italian origins of Bohemian
Jewry based on family history. Here are the results plus some sources in the

1. Entry of Josef SALUS family to Count Lobkowicz' noble town of Roudnice
nad Laben in 1632. Son is distiller. Documentary search fails to turn up
Salus family at this location in 1632. Family name rare, but origins
uncertain. Possibly >from salus = health; Italian town of Saluzzo in

2. Entry into Austro-Hungarian Empire with surname VINAZIA in Slovakia,
dated c. 1775. VENETIANER surname documented for Slovakia in 1850. Family of
Italian origin in document, lost in Holocaust, but orally affirmed by father
of sender. [Roth mentions a Giacomo Venezian, physician of Trieste, who fell
in defense of the city during 1849 revolutionary events - PK]

3. LORIA family entry based on north-central Italian town of Lore. No date

4. Italian origins for family with patronymic MARKUS SALOMON around 1750.
Source is great aunt whose few oral statements, recently researched, have
proved remarkably accurate. Family settled in Beroun Circuit (Kraj).
Possibly present in area following Thirty Years War.

Literature Sources

1. A Bondi Family History by Reiner Auman mentions the entry of Italian Jews
into Bohemia in the early 17th c. They include Basch, Ashkenazi, Wehli,
Bondi. No source given.

2. Close examination of books on Jews of Mantua [pp. 470-4], Milan [less
likely] by Shlomo Simonsohn document financial and moral assistance given to
Jews of Bohemia and Moravia. "Mantua had firm ties with the communities of
the Austrian Empire, and particularly...the communities of Bohemia and
Moravia." During Thirty Years War [1618-1648], plague of 1680, Prague
explusion of 1744. But nothing about trade or migration. Documents of
Mantua - Bohemia/Moravia communication said to be in N M Gelber Jubilee
Volume, but book location in libraries sparse.

2. Nothing in Cecil Roth, The Jews of Italy, or in several periodicals
dealing with Italian Jewry.

Parts of northern Italy came under control of Austria: Trieste in 1382,
later, Dolomite region, Mantua and vicinity. Much communication between
Vienna and Venice which acts as conduit to rest of Italian Jewish community.

Paul King

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