French Jewish Immigration to Southern US #general

Matt Friedman

Recently there was a posting with regard to
Jewish immigration to the Southern US >from France.
There are three main sources that might prove useful.

The Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience which
is located at the Henry S. Jacobs Camp in Utica,
Mississippi. The administrative offices are in
Jackson, Mississippi. Macy Hart is the founder. A
couple of years ago the Museum had a major exhibit on
the subject of Jewish immigration >from France.

Tulane University has a substantial collection of
materials pertaining to Southern Jews.

The American Jewish Archives in Cincinnati, Ohio
is also an excellent repository.(513)221-1875 Speak
to the director Dr. Gary Zola or chief archivist Kevin

These are not the only sources, but I have seen
the holdings of these institutions and I know they
would be helpful.

Matt Friedman

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