Re: Given name Jawil? #general

Paul Silverstone

My great-grandfather's name was Tevel but I have seen it transcribed in
print as Jewel.
I daresay the J may be a T in script.
Paul Silverstone.

>I seem to have founda B record for a genner friend's grandfather, dated
1872 in Poland. However, I can only read the father's given names as
Jawil? Leiba. The Cyrillic is in quite a good handwriting. My friend
thought his name was Yehuda Leib.
I can't find anything even close to a name Jawil? and no stretch of
imagination can make it into Yehuda. I have no copy of the record, so
can't post to ViewMate.
Anyone know of a name Jawil or one that sounds close to that?
TIA, Kirsten Gradel, Denmark
Paul Silverstone
New York

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