volunteers needed for data entry of burial lists #general

Joyce Field

Burial records >from Istanbul for JEWISHGEN ONLINE WORLDWIDE BURIAL
REGISTRY, http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/Cemetery/

As you can see >from the message below (>from Daniel Kazez, and quoted
with his permission), Mr. Kazez has received several large and
exciting lists of Jewish burials >from Istanbul, Turkey. In all,
there are 400 handwritten pages of burial records >from Istanbul.
Daniel cannot possibly enter all this data and we are, therefore,
asking for volunteers to help us with the data entry into our Excel template.

The pages I have seen are extremely legible; however, there are a few
Turkish words on some pages that will have to be translated. Most of
the pages are written in Latin characters, but 56 pages are in
Hebrew. Obviously, we will need a few volunteers who can read the
Hebrew and transcribe the data into English.

Please contact me personally if you can assist with data entry.
Requirements: a copy of Excel on your computer and the time to input
at least 10 pages within about 2 weeks' time. The number of records
per page vary, but seem to range >from 15-25 records per page.

Data entry volunteers will also be asked to proofread data entered
by other volunteers to ensure that all data has been accurately

This material is extremely important and we do hope that you will be
able to assist this worthy project. Please contact me at
jfield@... if you can help.

Joyce Field
JewishGen V.P., Research

message >from Daniel Kazez to Joyce Field. Quoted with permission of
Daniel Kazez.

"Dear Joyce,

A few months ago, I wrote to you to share a burial list provided to
me by Erdal Frayman, of the Yuksekkaldirim
Synagogue in Istanbul. I believe that those 3000 entries will now
be on JewishGen Online Burial List. I am pleased, once again, to
offer good news >from Istanbul. I have received two separate burial
lists >from Istanbul--nearly 400 pages of names! These lists are
simply filled with all of the common Sephardic names that I have seen
for years. The lists go back to the early 1900s. I am eager to share
these lists with you and JewishGen. I must confess, though, that I
don't have the time to type all of these pages! I look forward to
any suggestions you might have. And, above all else, my thanks to
the enthusiastic and generous congregations in Istanbul what copied
these lists and sent them to me!

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