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If, as often happens when someone dies, the bible was thrown out along with
other treasured family papers and photos, the cause is, of course, hopeless.

Sometimes, however, such treasures will have been rescued by a relative
with a sense of family. Finding that person requires a careful search for
all the descendants, if any, and collateral relatives of the person who had
the things, followed by inquiries to them, starting with those most likely
to have been present at or near the time of her death.

Without a family record >from the bible, the search for Aunt Jessie's
relatives will be more difficult, but can be pursued using family
recollections, city and telephone directories, vital records, 1920 and
earlier US censuses (1930 beginning next April), wills and deeds, and
similar modern records, many of which are available in large cpublic
libraries, and also through local Mormon Family History Centers. This is
how I eventually located four family bibles, one of which was given to me
along with portraits of some of my great-grandparents, and I obtained
photocopies or transcripts >from the other bibles.

In copying bible records, always get a copy also of the title and copyright
pages. This helps determine the earliest date at which the family record
was entered, helping separate entries made at the time an event took place
(usually very reliable) >from those copied >from an earlier record (and
therefore subject to errors in interpretation or copying).

Donn Devine
Wilmington Delaware

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Subject: Re: finding a bible
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Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 23:50:21 EST

My aunt jessie Rosenstein had a bible in which she wrote in. At that
time I was not interested in genealogy and did not think about it until
tonight. I believe that she died abt 25 years ago. I would like to find
that bible now. I suspect that it is sort of late to get it back but I
am hoping that some one might be so kind as to find it for me or tell me
how to go abt searching for it. She lived in Chatham A south side district
of Chicago, Illinois. I am lame now and do not have a car.

Rose Hoffman

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