WALPELL - NYC #general

Shirley Collier <Shirley.Collier@...>

When my father died I found among his papers an old business card.

William Walpell
Painter, Decorator and General Contractor
1639 Fulton Avenue, Apt 4L
Bronx NY

There was also handwritten on the back:

1325 Grant Aven (?spelling) Bronx, NY

The only other connection with this name is that my father's brother in the
UK had adopted it himself. I believe our family name was originally
WAPNAISH, then ROZAINSKY. I have American cousins whose grandfather was
called WAPNAISH but took the name of WARNER. Does the name WALPELL of New
York mean anything to anyone in New York?

Many thanks. Shirley (UK)

Shirley Rose Collier

Researching: BIERMAN/BERMAN (Piaski/Russia-Poland/Philadelphia);

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