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Schelly Dardashti <dardasht@...>

Rabbi Asher Zelig TALALAI was the Crown Rabbi of
Chaussy (east of Mogilev city, Belarus). There are no
other Asher Zeligs in the family that I have found
(yet). It seems strange that such a rabbi would not
have a batch of grandchildren named for him, but if
they are there they are still undiscovered in the
records. Perhaps he was named after another Asher
Zelig. The time frame would have been mid-late 1800s.
Perhaps his father studied with THE AZ or his mother
was a relative.
As far as I can determine, Asher Zelig was probably a
cousin of our ancestor Rabbi Leib ben harav Mikhael of
Mogilev, Belarus. He was the Crown Rabbi of Chaussy,
but his family lived in Mogilev.
There are literally hundreds of Rabbi Leib descendants
named for Leib in many variations. There are very few
Mikhael namings in our branch, but many in the Asher
Zelig branch, which leads me to think that Asher Zelig
was more closely related to Rabbi Mikhael. Oh well, we
keep searching.
I have traced Asher Zelig's descendants - some to St.
Petersburg and then here to Israel since 1990, others
in Moscow and the US.
It is an interesting question. I have always wondered
why there were few namings after this person in the
Schelly Talalay Dardashti
Tel Aviv

Subject: Rabbi Asher Zelig
From: Dr Shimon Barak <>
I have found that the Zeligs of the different
branches seem to be named after a Rabbi Asher Zelig Barg that lived in
Kamenets Podolski in the early 1800s.
Asher Zelig is a known "double name" (like Naphtali Zvi or Yehuda Leib)
but not so common. Nowadays it can be found only among Hassidic

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