Re: Chuna #galicia

Simon Barak

I would like to add my little grain of sand. For years I thought that my
GGGFather Chone was actually Elkhana or Elkhanan or Yokhanan. Then I
discovered the original Ktubba of my great-grandparents, in which the
groom's father name is written as Chona (Het Nun Aleph)

Dr Shimon Barak, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Researching the following surnames:
BARG, BARK, BARCK, BERG (Anywhere but especially Ukraine & Argentina;
please visit our
Homepage at
MAURER, NEUMANN (Drohobycz, Boryslaw and Lwow)
TACHMAN, TAJMAN, TAKHMAN (Chisinau, Argentina)
HOLZMANN (Przasnysz, Poland and Israel)
SILBERSTEIN (Warsaw and Tel Aviv)

IsraelP wrote:

Although there is no question in my mind that Chuna is >from Elhanan,
I do know a fellow whose name is Chona (hey-nun-aleph).  It is his
given Hebrew name, not a nickname.
Israel Pickholtz

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