Lviv Cemetery Project #general

Errol Schneegurt

I am sending this message out in an effort to find a volunteer that is
willing to manage this project. The person should have a good grasp of
P/C operations (Excel important) and some experience in directing the
operations of others. The primary responsibility would be to distribute
and monitor the flow of work between volunteers doing the input and
review. In addition the person would be responsible to report the progress
of the project to JewishGen on a regular bases and answer questions posed
by the volunteers.

Not to fear, there are at least 2 layers of support for this project at
JewishGen. I am sorry to say but I am unable to manage this project for
reasons that are beyond my control.

I have received some question related to the project and I will try and
answer them
- the sheets seem, for the most part written in Roman lettering that we
can read, subject the handwriting of the author.
- Some are written in Cyrillic and will be dealt with, hopefully by a
volunteer knowledgeable with this language.
- I believe there are 15 names to a sheet (two lines per name).
- The sample graphics I received were quit clear.
- Projects of this nature take time to complete and that is
understandable. The work will be distributed with that in mind and
should not become an excessive burden to anyone.

I must reemphasize that this is an important project and will give
researchers a chance and a new tool in finding out what happened to their
family during this terrible period of time for the Jewish people.

You can contact me at ESLVIV@AOL.COM and please use "Lviv Cemetery
Project" as the subject of your e mail.
Errol Schneegurt LI NY

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