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Ruth Hyman <rhyman@...>

Dear folks,
I wonder if some of you have advice on the best way to get naturalization
papers. I had gone the INS route and then spoke to someone at NARA in NY
who said no wonder it was taking forever and that the quality was likely
to be bad. So, on his advice, I emailed NARA-Great Lakes Region, as my
grandparents were all >from Chicago. I heard back that they found the one
grandparent that I had a naturalization certificate number for. According
to them, the others don't exist. Now, it is possible that the other 3
grandparents did not become citizens, but I have my doubts.
Anyway, the NARA Great Lakes office advised me to contact the Circuit
Court of Cook County Archives (that is the county which includes Chicago),
but when I called there I was told that they use the same soundex system
and would get the same result. However, Cook County does charge $6 a
search and NARA nothing, so maybe Cook County has a bit more incentive. I
wish I could go to NARA myself, but I can't, so any advice would be
greatly appreciated (well-not any!)
Ruth Hyman
Rockville Centre, NY

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