History of the Jews of Klosterneuburg #austria-czech


A couple of years ago, I casually made mention to the SIG about a
photocopied "Geschichte der Juden in Klosterneuburg" article that was
sent to me by a cousin. At the time, I suggested that if someone
wanted to try and translate it into English, it might make an
excellent addition to GemeindeView -- as well as obviously being a
great asset for those of us researching Klosterneuburg. No one took
me up on the offer then, but having made some strides in my
Klosterneuburg research thanks to the new films recently made
available by the FHL, I was looking through my files and came across
this article again. As far as I can tell with my almost nonexistent
German, these 6 pages discuss the history of Jewish settlement >from
the middle ages to the 1840s -- when the FLEISCHMANN, HOFFER, ERBER,
KREISLER, WEINER and ROSNER families resettled in K. and in other
N.Oe. towns. This includes information on the foundation of the
Jewish community -- the establishment of a synagogue, the Jewish
cemetery and other institutions. There's no bibliographic
information on my photocopies, but thanks to some internet sleuthing,
I'm pretty sure I can say that what I have is a April/May 1928
article by Hermann ERBER >from the publication "Juedisches Archiv:
Zeitschrift fuer juedisches Museal- und Buchwesen, Geschichte,
Volkskunde und Familienforschung," published by Leopold MOSES.

I know there are a few of us researching Klosterneuburg families >from
the 19th century - and this might be helpful reading in terms of
historical context. I feel like 6 pages of journal article text is
perhaps a bit much to post to ViewMate, so instead I'm emailing the
group and offering to email my scans of the article to anyone who'd
like to take a look and maybe even take a stab at translating! Just
let me know if you're interested and I'd be happy to send it off to
you right away.


Rebecca Fenning
Los Angeles, Ca.

Klosterneuburg, Hoeflein a.d. Donau, Greifenstein & Vienna, AUT;
FISCHER, KOENIGSBERG(ER) -- Breclav, CZ, Klosterneuburg & Vienna, AUT

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