New data in JRI-Poland database #general

S. Javinsky

Dear JewishGenners:

On behalf of Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, I am pleased to announce
that the first release of data >from the JRI-Poland / Jewish Historical
Institute project "Dzialoszyce Births, Deaths, Marriages and Alegata
1829 / 1846" has been added to the JRI-Poland online database.

This project is creating indices to a collection of almost 600 Jewish vital
records of Dzialoszyce held at the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw.
Dzialoszyce (coordinates 5022/2021) is a town in south-central Poland, in
the former Pinczow powiat, Kielce guberniya. The Jewish vital events of
many surrounding towns were recorded in Dzialoszyce.

The most exciting entries in this collection are the 220 Alegata (Marriage
Supplements). In addition to the marriage registration, Alegata include
other documents such as the birth records for the bride and groom. Since
this collection of Alegata ends in 1846, most of the Jewish brides and
grooms would have been born before 1826, pre-dating the year when Jewish
life cycle events were recorded in strictly Jewish records. More
information on this project can be found at:

The 220 Alegata index entries have now been released to the JRI-Poland
online database. You can access the database >from the main JRI-Poland

In the near future, I will be announcing the addition of the birth and
death records in this collection to the database as well.

I would like to thank JRI-Poland and its volunteers, the Jewish Historical
Institute and its staff, and all the project supporters for bringing this
project to fruition.

Susan Javinsky
Ottawa, Canada
Town Leader, Dzialoszyce
mail to: SusanLittleDVM@...

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