SALAVACCHICK (spelling??) from Kovno & the BRISK Rebbe #general

Rica Goldberg

Dear Genners

This is for a friend of mine whose great grandfather was Chaim Yitzkok
SALAVACCHICK born Kovno approx 1840-1845 who was born at the time of Joseph
of Kovno who married Relke Volozhin bas Chaim and who was connected to
Rabbonim back to the year 950.

Does anyone know anything about this family?

A little more information:- One of the sons of Chaim Yitkok SALAVACCHICK
was Moishe of Kovno & Vilna 1870-1956.

My friend believes that Joseph Dov SALAVACCHICK who died in 1892 was the
father of the BRISK Rebee. Is there anyone out there who knows anything
regarding this?

You can write direct to my friend if you wish (or to me).

Many thanks.

Rica B Goldberg
Manchester, UK

Still researching:
KAMENSHCHIK >from Yanova and Zeimiai, Lithuania; ESTRY >from Poland
(somewhere); FRIEDMAN >from ?? LEVY >from Sompolno and Krosniewice, Poland >
London > NYC; DIAMOND >from Kovno Gubernia > Manchester; SHLUZITEL or
SHLESINGER or SHELENGER >from Vabalninkas: BERLINSKI >from Charlottenburg in
Berlin > England Still researching:

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