Wrong birthdate #general

IsraelP <zach4v6@...>

Another lesson in the occasional unreliability of official documents.

I recently attended a memorial service for someone who died recently
here in Israel and the tombstone had a Jewish date which was off by
several months. (There was no Gregorian date on the stone.) When
this was pointed out to the family, they said that they gave the death
certificate to the man who did the stone and he took the date >from
there. (The death certificate is a document issued by the Interior
Ministry and includes birth and death dates according to both the
Jewish and the Gregorian calendars, but they are often off by a day as
they cannot be bothered to take into account the "after sunset"
phenomenon, unless specifically asked. But that is not the problem
in this instance.)

Upon further inquiry, it seems that when the deceased made aliyah
from England thirty-odd years ago, the local bureaucrat misread the 7
(July) for 4 (April) and therefore got the birth date wrong in both
calendars. The family doesn't want to change either the stone or the
government records, figuring that if it never bothered him all these
years, why should it bother them now.

Israel Pickholtz

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