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<< Chaim Yitzkok SALAVACCHICK born Kovno approx 1840-1845 who was born at
the time of Joseph of Kovno who married Relke Volozhin bas Chaim and who was
connected to Rabbonim back to the year 950.

Does anyone know anything about this family?

A little more information:- One of the sons of Chaim Yitkok SALAVACCHICK
was Moishe of Kovno & Vilna 1870-1956. >>

That would be the SOLOVEICHIK Lithuanian rabbinical family.

One Moshe, according to the Encyclopedia Judaica, lived 1876 to 1941, and
was the son of Hayim (Brisker) 1853-1918.

You will find a list and family chart in the EJ.

Joseph Dov was known as Joseph Baer of Volozhin (1820-1892).

The family is well documented, and you should be able to find references
easily in libraries, Talmudic academies, and perhaps find a member of the
family locally.

Michael Bernet, New York

WOLFF (Pfungstadt, Frankfurt/M, Koenigsberg, Amsterdam, N.Carolina); BERNET,
BERNERT, JONDORF(Frensdorf, Bamberg, Nurnberg); FEUCHTWANGER
(Schwabach, Hagenbach & Fuerth); KONIGSHOFER (anywhere); BERG, WOLF(F),
(Demmelsdorf & Zeckendorf); Shim`on GUTENSTEIN (Bad Homburg ca 1760);
FRENSDORF/ER (anywhere); MAINZER (Lorsch); anyone in Ermreuth or Floss;

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