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Hi, This a sort of a shot in the dark, but I don't have any idea about
how to proceed so here goes.
My Mother's Father was Frank B. Gebhardt. I didn't even know that he
existed until recently. A long story. He was born in Buckingham, Canada.
His parents where Frank Gebahrdt and Amelia Boehme Gebhardt, both born
in Germany.They and their daughter Hazel and maternal Grandmother all
died apx. 9/15/14 in Cleveland,Ohio of mushroom poisoning. They are
buried at the Brooklyn Heights Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio. Frank B,
Gebhardt (my grandfather ) died 5/5/26 and is also buried at the
Brooklyn Heights Cemetery. I have death certificates, census records
ect. I haven't been able to get his birth certificate. Anyhow, I have
been told by my Mother, her Aunt and various other that the Gebhardts
were Jewish. I can't find or don't know how to ascertain this. There was
no religion stated on anything including the grave stones.Is there a web
site or a place that I could contact to help me find this information.
Thank you for the time, Linda McGurn

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