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Judy Segal wrote: Lottie (born Carlotta THOMPKINS)... and the man she would
marry eventually helped form the town of Deming, New Mexico. In Deming, one of
Lottie's closest friends was *Helen* LINDAUER, the female head of the town's
Jewish family. This is the reason that I am posting this submission. ROSE has
included some wonderful photographs here, including two of this same family.
The given names of the LINDAUER family of Deming, New Mexico, as provided in
this biography, are *Bertha,* "Sigmund,* *Herman,* *Sam,* *Lillian* and
*Helen,* and the author includes some interview excerpts as well. So, if
anyone is looking for a family named LINDAUER, here's an unexpected place to

Yes, unexpectedly too, there are LINDAUER in Vienna and they are obviously a
Galician family that suffered a cruel fate. Their name was apparently
ZIEGENLAUB or ZIEGEL{L}AUB. All four members of the family were deported to the
Lodz ghetto on 2 Nov 1941. We remember them here today:

Parents: Chaim Isak LINDAUER false ZIEGELLAUB [sic] {dob 17.05.1884}; Marjem
{dob 25.07.1897} and children: Gisela {dob 24.10.1933}; Leo {dob 14.07.1932}.
Chaim Isak was not a poor man, as he had an asset file in Austria [April 1938].

We also see these two Vienna burials:

LINDAUER - ZIEGENLAUB [sic] Bruche age 54, died 18.12.1940 buried
Zentralfriedhof Gate IV 21/33/35; LINDAUER Nathan age 64, died 28.10.1953
buried Zentralfriedhof Gate IV 18a/8/24.

Now fast foward to there you see: One LINDAUER in Tarnopol; 2 in Lwow
and ***261*** in Stanislawow Wojewodztwa [predominantly in Kolomyja].
And we have a perfect match here as the only jri-pl ZIEGENLAUB [59] are from
Stanislawow Wojewodztwa. If you search for ZIEGEL{L}AUB you find one in Lwow; 5
in Krakow and 56 in Stanislawow Wojewodztwa.

Fast forward again to Yad Vashem and you find, sadly, many LINDAUER victims
from Galicia, some also >from Germany and one >from Bukowina. If you check on
some of the German victims, they were born in Kolomyja.

Where did the Deming, New Mexico family come from? I have no idea, but the
above could give you some leads. This was not an Austria-Czech family;
statistically it appears most were >from Galicia, especially >from Stanislawow

Celia Male [U.K.]

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