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I have found my grandmother giving birth to a baby girl by the name of
Neche, in Szczerzec in 1889. My grandfather was Benzion Schor (now it is
the first time I find it written with one "r") and Beile Mischel who was
from Rozwadow.
I knew my father had an elder sister by the name of Selma. Can anyone
inform What name is Polish, what is Yiddish, and if Neche could be Selma?
I don't know about Neche, but Selma is of Celtic origin and I
think it would be unlikely to be found in 19th century Poland.
Presumably she adopted this name when she came to America. AFAIK
there is no relation between this and Neche, but there doesn't have
to be - she might just have chosen the name because she liked it.

Robert Israel
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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