Leaving Mother Russia #general


The story that I heard >from my father, Israel Schiffres, who was born in
Grodno (Russia) in 1898, was that while the Germans were occupying Grodno in
1917 (during World War I), he received permission to move (immigrate?) to
Cologne (Koln). Does anyone know what kind of papers were required and
whether it was common, or easy, for Jews to leave war-torn Russia for Germany?
Also, I believe he told me that he had no passport until he married my
mother (Lea Speier-Holstein) in 1926. He was then required to obtain a
passport and had a choice of applying for a "Bolshevik" Soviet passport or a
Polish one (Grodno was by then in Poland.) He chose the latter, and the
passport was issued to I. SZYFRES, a spelling that he never used although it
was our "legal" name until we became American Citizens and reverted to the
Schiffres spelling. Has anyone heard of Jews being given such a choice of

Rochester, NY
Searching HOLSTEIN or SPEIER-HOLSTEIN (Neuenbrunslar, Gensungen), SPEIER
or SPEYER (Hof or Hoof), KAHN (Alsace, Belgium), SCHIFFRES/SHIFRES/SZYFRES
(Grodno), HALPERN/GALPERN (Grodno)

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