Re: Origins of surname MASON #general

Hilary Henkin <hilary@...>

Dear Mark,
You're probably right that the name originally wasn't MASON.

Much of the time, you can find the original name on the immigration
passenger lists. This may not be true is if another family member came
over first, changed their name, and instructed the followers to use the
new name. But even when that happened, frequently a relative in the old
country (noted on the manifest), might have the original name.

If you have an idea of where your grandfather immigrated to, you can
search for his passenger list. Much has been written on this forum
about the availability and search processes; search the discussion group
archives and InfoFiles for details.

If you have no idea where he arrived, you might be able to guess, based
on where he lived. (This makes an assumption he settled near the port
he arrived at, not always true.)

If he became a US citizen, you can also try to get a copy of his
naturalization papers. By 1914, they usually asked where, when, and
under what name, the applicant arrived in the US. Again, for more
details, search the discussion group archives and InfoFiles.

For further guidance, you might consider joining your local Jewish
Genealogy group, if one is in your area.

Good luck in your search!

Hilary Henkin
Atlanta, Georgia USA
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married a man ROSENBERG in the later part of the last century, and
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