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Mario Jeifetz <mjeifetz@...>

The name of a Jewish woman was >from ever (Her Name) bat-daughter
(Her Father's Name) ishah-wife (Her Husband, if married).

In my mother's tombstone it is written: Reizel bat Joseph (grand-
father)ishah Aaron Hirsch (dad), although she always used her
maiden name.

Rabbi Elchonon is right, he has returned us to the old laws and
customs, far >from the current occidental laws. It is clear that
the woman's maiden name after divorce was not a Jewish problem
in the old times.

It seems that the maiden name is just a today problem and its
solution is under the current laws and customs, it doesn't only
for the Jews but for the whole people.

Mario Jeifetz
Moises Ville-Argentina

searching for NOVICK-REJOVITZKY-TRUMPER, Volkovisk, Mstibovo and
Liskow, Belarus;
JEIFETZ, BOGOPOLSKY >from Israilovka(Grabarivka), Ukraine;

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Rabbi Elchonon Baron wrote:

To the best of my knowledge there is no reason in Halakha (Jewish
law) that a woman should or should not revert to her maiden name
after a Get or Jewish divorce.

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