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That the English name is Benjamin makes it likely that the Hebrew name
is really Dov. Dov means "bear" or Beryl in Yiddish. If they wanted an
English name with the same first letter as the Yiddish name, then
Benjamin makes sense. We have a person in our community with the same
combination of Hebrew and English names.

Harold Wyzansky

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Thank you to all who took the trouble to help decipher the odd
Hebrew characters on the gravestone of Rebecca Silverstone.
Most felt it was a "typo" by the stonecutter and that the first
letter was a daled thus making the name a familiar one - Dov,
rather than one that seemed meaningless, i.e. Hov or the like.
Oddly, I have just come across the lady's death certificate where
her father's name is given as Benjamin!!
Thanks again.

Paul Silverstone
New York
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