Bracha SHAR (Zehava COHEN)-Chmielnik; Toronto #general

Howard Zakai

Dear Genners,

This is actually quite interesting and informative. Not long ago I
had posted a message regarding a cousin, born in Chmielnik, Poland at the
beginning of the War. Her name was Bracha KAUFERSTICK - the daughter of
Paula KAUFMAN and Yechiel KAUFERSTICK. She is featured in the town's
Journal, Pinkas Chmielnik (Yiddish, Tel Aviv, 1960) which states she was
in the Israeli army and she married Avraham SHAR in 1958. My father
believes they wound up in Toronto.
I did not have too much luck, except for a couple of doubtful SHAR
listings in Toronto...
Tonight I received an email >from the Ronald S.Lauder Foundation,
pointing me to The Ghetto Fighters' House Archive at <> (it
is in both Hebrew and English). It referred me to a specific catalog
number (1042 in this case) and long and behold is a picture of my cousin,
Braindel Koupershtuck, age 8, who was apparently put in the care of non-
Jews during the War and recovered by the Zionist
movement, "Coordinatsia." Perhaps this is the reason why her article in
Pinkas Chmielnik is entitled "A little bit of luck." Unfortunately I
cannot read Yiddish and my grandmother cannot read the small print.
In any case, the site says Braindel/Bracha is now known as Zehava
COHEN. I have no clue where she would be now, but I will start with
Toronto. If anybody knows of this individual please reply to me privately.


Howie Zakai
Staten Island, NY

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