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Asher Bar-Zev <barzev@...>

Shel Brucker and Michael Bernat have addressed the problem of the names
Layzer and Leiser ie. could they be the same name?

For a full discussion of the problem, please see my article in Avotaynu,
Spring 1995, Vol XI, Number 1, p.19, under the title: Luzer Isn't Layzer.

To summarize briefly, Lawzer or Layzer is a diminutive form of Elazar
(sometimes spelled in English as Eleazar) and Liayzer or Layser is a
diminutive form for Eliezer. Both these diminutives can be pronounced in a
variety of ways, depending on what dialect of Yiddish one is speaking. In
the Galician dialect, Lawzer becomes Luzer and Layzer becomes Leiser.

I would guess that both of Shel Brucker's relatives had different names,
since their diminutives were pronounced differently and they probably came
from the same region and hence spoke the same dialect of Yiddish.
Asher Bar-Zev

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