Re: Polish Magnate for Novaya Ushitsa #general

David Bickman

My paternal ancestors came >from the town of Novaya Ushitsa. This town
today is in Khmelnitsky Oblast, Ukraine, southwest of Vinnitsa and
northeast of Kamenets Podolsk. When my ancestors left Novaya Ushitsa in
the early 1900's, it was in Podolia Gubernia, Russian Ukraine.

Prior to 1775, the area was part of the Polish Commonwealth. A Polish
magnate, or prince, owned much of the region, including Novaya Ushitsa.

I am trying to determine the name of the magnate who owned Novaya Ushitsa,
and then I would like to determine the place where this magnate's records
are located in order to research them.

Prior to about 1840, Novaya Ushitsa was called Litnowcze, or Litnovitz, in

Can anyone help me in finding out the name of the Polish magnate and the
present location of his records? Thank you.

David M. Bickman

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