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cfpottins2 <cfpottins2@...>

Bit of a different angle. My Mum used to joke that my Dad was like
royalty, having two birthdays (I should explain that for reasons I
forget the Queen has both a real and an "official" birthday).
I think I did once find two birth certificates, when I was a kid,
although unfortunately I've now only got one of them. It gives my Dad's
birthplace as Nottingham, and I know he did spend his childhood there,
but I also remember that on occasion he talked of being born in London.
Bit of a mystery man, my father oleh b'shalom!

Charles Pottins

My grandfather also did not know his birthday. So my
sister and I gave him one because he would be in NYC
visiting >from FL then - we picked October 12 because
it was a holiday and a nice time of theyear. Lo and behold,
two years after his death the first ggchild to be
named after him was also born on October 12.

Diane Jacobs
New York

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