Discovery of letter trove - help needed with Translation #austria-czech

Steven Emanuel <steven.emanuel@...>

Dear Fellow Members

My Mother died just 10 days ago aged 96 and our last direct link with one
period in our history. Yesterday I spent much of the day sorting through her
effects and when opening a bundle of Greeting Cards >from Mum & Dad's 25th
Wedding Anniversary I discovered tucked behind a further bundle; this
comprised all the greetings both for their Wedding in Munich in 1936 and the
birth of my sister Ruth there in 1938 - just before they fled. Telegrams,
letters, cards, even florists cards - all in perfect condition, most in
original envelopes! What an unimagined hoard - I can see names of Aunts,
Uncles, Cousins, Grandmother etc.

I would dearly love to be able to read these but regrettably I speak no
German; also the handwriting is of that period - I always had difficulty in
reading Mum's letters to me at school! The task would be considerable as
there are some 70 plus pieces. If anyone can help me, or point me to someone
who might I would be most grateful.

Steven Emanuel Blackwater,Hampshire,U.K.

EMANUEL Obrigheim, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Boston
LOEWENSTEIN Laufenselden, Mainz, Canada
BOEHM Gleiwitz, Ratibor, Zabrze
BEINER Succeava, Wien, Budapest, Munich, Sao Paolo
STEINER Opava, Wien

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