More on Birthdates and Yahrzeit mysteries #general

Aya Kim <akimron@...>

I found a list of birthdays and my Gfather's Yahrzeit
written by my late gmother in her SIDUR.

Apart >from conversion difficulty (Gregorian or
I noticed that the Hebrew birth year of her sons was
earlier to the Gregorian. My father was actually 3yrs
younger, my uncle - 2yrs younger.

In queries about this mystery, I came to the
conclusion that their Gregorian year of birth was a
fake to allow them immigrate to Palestine in the 20's.
The assumption (still to validate) is that there was
an age limit and they had to be acknowledged as
younger to receive the entrance certificate.

Ayana Kimron
Montreal, Canada
SADETSKY- Bessarabia; BARATS- Bessarabia/Ukraine;
SILBERG - Bessarabia

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