Re: A Polish Drummer Boy #general

Charles Vitez <vitez@...>

Not only were there no suitable wars but also no Polish army as such in

Either the Pole was a Prussian (jews had to perform military service in
ordinary units) or a Russian (jews had to perform military service in
faraway cantonist formations - usually selected by ballot) or he was an
Austrian (the service was usually performed outside Poland but in Polish
drafts officered by Austrians/Czechs or another Empire nationality - not

I am sorry if this is unhelpful.

Charles Vitez

"SHEILA TOFFELL" <toffell@...> wrote:

My great uncle was a drummer boy in the Polish army. he was born in
1862, so my estimation is any time after 1875, when he was 13, but
that is obviously speculation. Are there any records available for
the Polish army? Also, what wars were there for Poland during that
period? I'd appreciate any leads/help.

Sheila Toffell
Glen Rock NJ

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