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Hi Genners.

For several years I'm trying to collect information on GLICKSBERG
families.There are many spellings of the name:the original spelling is
GLUCKSBERG (u umlaut) apparently after a German town by this name.
Before the end of the 18th century G. families lived already in Warsaw and
Biala Podlaska.
According the information that I have ,most of the G. families lived,untill
the Holocaust,only in Warsaw and towns around it and group of towns east to
Warsaw like Biala,Mezerich, Wegrow,Sokolow, and more.
My sources: pages of testimony and ITS cards >from Yad Vashem-Jerusalem,lists of
JRI-PL,telephone directories SSDI etc. I have many names but I don't know how to
*tie* them because the Glicksbergs at present do not know much about the history of
their families before WW2.
I'm trying to find out the relations among all the Glicksbergs and if they
are >from one origin.

Now a days there are not more than few tens of G.families,mainly in the
U.S.A. , Israel and some South American countries.Many of them believe
that there is no other family by this name. I found several families through FTJP that their mothers or grandmothers were Glicksberg,(Klicksberg Gligsberg Glisberg Glucksberg etc.) but I can not trace them.

I will be very grateful for any information!

Ruth Glicksberg-Epstein

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