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For years I have been searching for information regarding ELCHANAN HEHNLE
KIRCHAN author of Simchat Hanefesh >from all sources including several
postings to Jewishgen. At best I could glean only very sparse information.
About two months ago I decided to do a Google search.
Immediately Google responded with the spelling KIRCHAN (instead of KirchaHn
which I had thought to eb the most correct spelling).

The amended spelling brought up several hits, including one for Hollanders
Book store which had a reprint of Simchat Hanefesh in good condition of
which I am now the proud owner. Apart >from the book itself, there is a
section on his life and family background.

Flushed with my success, I then typed in the name WASSERTRILLING (Kirchan's
son in law) for which I also had very little information into Google. Again
I got several hits including a large family tree and the information that
later on WASSERTRILLING was amended to WASSING.

It turns out these WASSERTRILLINGs are >from Boskowitz, and now I am trying
to link them up to WASSERTRILLING >from Hessen.

I therefore highly recommend Google searches of names and obscure
information if it's on the 'net, Google will tease it out!

Of course, if anyone out there can fill me in with more information, I'd be

Philip Heilbrunn

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