Re: Plymouth Rock Cemetery, Brockton, MA #general

Hilary Henkin <hilary@...>

Dear Anne,
You might try mailing one of those one-use "disposable" cameras to the
cemetery office, and ask them to take the photos and return the camera
to you. Include a return address label and return postage, so their
task is made as simple as possible. Tell them what you want photos of,
including whether you need to read the inscriptions, see the scenery,
etc. Let them know what's important to you.

Besides not having to get someone to go to a whole lot of effort with
travel, photos, postage, etc., you'll end up with much better photos
using a one-use camera than using a Polaroid.

I've had good luck with this method, even to getting photos of graves in
London, England. (For this, I sent some English money I had, instead of
trying to include return postage.)

Hilary Henkin

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