LIPCZYK from Bialystok #general


For many years I have been searching for records for my LIFSCHITZ family.
Family lore was that the name in Bialystok was something that sounded like
"lip-chuck". I always assumed that this was an American's interpretation of
the Polish spelling of the family name, e.g. LIPSZYC. After searching
through hundreds of LIPCZYC/LIFCZYC/LIFSZYC, etc records without ever
finding my ancestor Wigdor, I finally hit pay dirt--in the latest posting of

Of the hundreds of records for similarly-sounding surnames mine popped
up--and guess what! My family was the only one that was spelled LIPCZYK
(sounds like "lip-chick". The moral is "Don't assume".

Is there any one else out there looking for LIPCZYKs?

Bob Weiss in Northridge, CA

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