Poland - help needed - researching gr grandparents ESTRY #general

Rica Goldberg

Dear Genners

I am researching the family trees of my four grandparents and the same for
my husband. We are both half Litvak and half Polish.

I have been able, to some degree, to move forward on our Litvak ancestors (I
know of some of their shtetls) but for both my paternal great-grandparents I
am totally stuck. Both sets of great grandparents are buried in Manchester
UK and all their children were born in Manchester and I know all the family
trees to the present day. Both sets of gr grandparents appear on the 1881
Manchester (UK) census and both sets say they are >from Poland (but no shtetl
is given. That is not a required criteria). One set is called Cohen so I
suppose that is a lost cause!!!. The other set of gr grandparents are
Rebecca (nee Grossman) and Chaim ESTRY. All it says is that Chaim ESTRY is
a glazier >from Poland!!!!! So far as I can find, Chaim never naturalised
so once again there is no chance of finding out the shtetl.

To make matters worse I do not know what their surname was in Poland. It
has been suggested it could have been Esther, Estere or something like that,
and some kind person informed me of the shtetls where these names are found
in numbers. The only other small clue is that on the census Sarah Grossman
("mother-in-law" it said) was living with them. I hope that (G'd forbid)
the person who filled in the census did not misunderstand Sarah Grossman's
position in the family!!!!!!

I know it is not possible to find a Cohen at No.1 Poland, but how can I find
my ESTRY ancestors. It is driving me mad!!!

Rica B Goldberg
Manchester (UK)

Still researching:
KAMENSHCHIK >from Yanova and Zeimiai, Lithuania; ESTRY >from Poland
(somewhere); FRIEDMAN >from ?? LEVY >from Sompolno and Krosniewice, Poland;
DIAMOND >from Kovno Gubernia > Manchester; SHLUZITEL or SHLESINGER or
SHELENGER >from Vabalninkas, Lithuania: BERLINSKI >from Charlottenburg in
Berlin >

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