1930 Federal Census #general

Martha Lev-Zion <martha@...>

The 1930 Federal Census will be available to the public come April. If you
want to prepare yourselves to research it efficiently, it would be
worthwhile to study the information in this URL:


According to information >from Robert Regan in his free February issue of
"Treasure Maps", the 1930 census asked a variety of 32 questions about each

Martha LEVINSON Lev-Zion, Ph.D. in Israel
Researching: FELDMANN, [Goldingen, Latvia], LEVINSON [Goldingen, Latvia]
LIEBERTHAL, HIM[M]ELHOCH [Latvia, worldwide],POTZDAMMER [worldwide]
ROTHSCHILD [Bruck/Erlangen and Altenschoenbach, Franconia, Bavaria]
LEVOR/LEFOR [Barchfeld a.m.Werra, Germany; worldwide]
BERNET, HIMMELREICH [Frensdorf, Bamberg, Franconia, Bavaria]
STRAUS[S] [Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany]

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