Re: Father and son #general

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybru@...>

"Thank you for all the wonderful answers. I've received a ton of mail that
brings up three possibilities:

1. Sephardic family (common to name kids after parents).
2. Son born after father's death.
3. Father's name was in reality Abram ben (son of) Shmuel but he was called
Abram Shmuel for short.

Unfortunately all three of these answers don't fit in in this case."

2 other possibilities than the 3 you mention:

1. Western Europeans-if they were of Western European origin, then that is
2. A double name is not the same as a single name, so the 2 names are
different. Abraham Samuel is not the same as Abraham or Samuel by itself.

Sally Bruckheimer
Albany, NY

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