Re: Father and son sharing a name #general

Harold Lewin <harmir@...>

I agree that the improbability of a living Ashkenazic father and his son
sharing the same name is a popular misconception. While indexing the
marriage registers of the old London Ashkenazic synagogues, well over 4
percent of the 4,400 marriages (covering the period 1792-1860) so far
indexed are in this category. In these cases the son (groom) either has the
given name of the (living) father as his first given name or, in many cases,
the son or daughter (groom or bride) has the first given name of the
(non-deceased) father as his or her middle (second given) name. Thus we have
the anomaly of many brides who have as their middle name such names as
Abraham, David, Nathan or Moses. Harold Lewin in Jerusalem.

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