GELLER -Metylovice, Czech. Rep. #general


Dear Genners,

I wanted to thank all who were kind enough to respond to my quest for the
town/village that my husband's grandfather, Leopold GELLER (b.1892), originated from. The marriage certificate >from Krakow stated Metalowice. The correct town is Metylovice, Czech Republic.

A very big thank you to Julius >from the BohMor SIG who was able to locate birth
records for two other siblings born in Metylovice: Anna GELLER and Elias GELLER
born in 1896.

We also learned that their mother, Sheindl RYBNER SCHANZER was originally from
Zabeltitz, Germany.

Best wishes,
Desiree Gil
Swampscott, MA

GELLER - Oswiecim, Krakow, Poland; Metylovice, Czech.
SCHANZER - Oswiecim, Poland, Zabeltitz, Germany.
RYBNER - Germany. RINGER - Krakow, Poland.
LILLIENTHAL - Krakow,Jordanow,Poland; Sao Paulo, Brazil

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