FRIEDLANDER, KRAFT, NEWMANN.... #austria-czech

Marc Piel <marcpiel@...>

Thanks again to Celia who traced my grandmother
(FRIEDLANDER) to Sussex in 1939.
It would seem that she then went to London and
worked in the area of rebuilding facial wounds
(she had several years medical training in Vienna)
in Queen Anne St (Corner of Harley St ). Is there
any way of tracing this? It would also seem that
she died in London.

Other information that ties in with the other
current subjects:

Moishe and Dreise(née ???) KRAFT in Bucarest(?)
had 6 children Avrum, Dina, David, Ely Hersh,
Sureh, & Jacob. Moishe was a specialist in
"Cristal de Bohème". Dreise was >from Czech.

Jacob KRAFT first married Chaya NEWMANN and had
five children: Joseph (killed in WW1), Chaim,
Pepi, Tika, and Sika (my grandmother) who married
Avrum KRAFT married Babbe (née ???) and one of
their children Mier Leib KRAFT married Rosa
NEWMANN. They had 2 children Benno and Lydia
(Lydsa), who would be in Chicago.

Please tell me if I am doing this the right way????
Please feel free to use any of this.
Regards to all,
Marc Piel

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