A thank you and a need of more help #general

Harry Zimmerman <JoelWire@...>

Dear Jewish Gen,
you are the greatest!!! I post a message a I get help via Israel
and Brazil. Just to let you know I found someone who knew the KUCHEN
family and am now in need of some more help.AS for a little background,
Simon had 4 children. 2sons and 2 daughters. The sons have sinced passed
away and the 2 daughters are still alive.

It turns out that Simon KUCHEN had a brother Albert. It seems
that Simon on arriving in Brazil >from Poland changed his last name >from
COHEN to KOCHEN. Albert somehow ended up in Toronto.He kept his last name
of Cohen not changing it as his brother did. It is said that Albert had 2
daughters. Helen and Shirley. Shirley married a Samuel SIDLOFSKY. the last
known address for her is on Strathmere Pl. NIH 5l8 Guelph, Ontario

Please does any of this sound familiar to anyone? If so/if not could
someone look up for me in a phone book for a phone # for this family name.
Does anyone know of this family? I need help in finding them.

Again thank you all so very much,
Sandy Zimmerman

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