search for Scott FULLER and OSCHINSKYS. #general

alisa Barkatt <alisabarkatt@...>

My name is Alisa Barkatt and I am looking for a certain Scott Fuller whose
mother was Thelma Oschinsky born after 1920.
Her brother was Dr. Lawrence Oschinsky born 1921 and died 1965. He was a
pyhsical anthropologist.He was born in New York to John & Lea
Oschinsky.Johns parents were Louis & Caroline Oschinsky >from Breslau today
I have much more info about that family going back to 1750!
If a Scott Fuller, or anybody who knows him ,can let him know and then write
to me I will be very thankful.
I live in Silver Spring Md and my e,mail address is
I also posted my name in the search section of Oschinsk's >from Breslau &
Berlin.If anybody heard that name please also let me know.Thanks Alisa.

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