Re: Camenetz or Podolsk #general

Joe Izen


Kamenets-Podolsk is a relatively large town in the Podolsk or
Podolsky region of the Ukraine. It has a history going back to
medieval times, it still has a really neat castle, and it had a large
Jewish community. A fair number of Jews left thanks to Petliura's
pogroms in the region and were spared the experience of the
Einsatzgruppen that murdered most of the Podolsky Jewish population,
along with thousands of transported Hungarian Jews >from Budapest
during WWII. You can find eye witness testimony about this in
Eichmann's trial.

There is a small Jewish community still living in KP today. There is
a fair amount that has been published about KP. If I recall, there
is a book entitled "KP and its Environs", and there is ample mention
along with other shtetls in "The Road >from Letichev". As Ukrainian
shtetls go, it is a relatively easy one to visit.


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