Re: Pruseny, Russia #general

Alexander Sharon

Abel Rosenschein listed his town as Pruseny, Russia when he departed
Hamburg in 1890. His daughters listed their place of birth as Grodno
in the 1920 census. Using Where Once We walked and the Shetlfinder I
have not been able to identify the town. any help is welcome.
Vera Finberg
Fairfax, Va

Pruseny, Russia is most probably what is known nowadays as Pruzhany,

WOWW provides several alternative names for this town, including Pruzhene,
Prusany and others. Pruzhany have been part of the Russia Grodno Guberniya,
when Abel Rosenschein was born there in the 19th century.

May I also suggest to add JGFF listings to your search tools located at

When enter town search for "Pruseny" using D-M (Daitch-Mokotoff) Soundex
system, Pruzhany, Belarus will be exihibited amongst the other alternative
town names. [There are currently 156 entries for town Pruzhany, Belarus in
the JGFF database]

The very same rule (use of D-M Soundex) applies when search is conducted
through the JGFF database for the surname (family names).

When enter name Rosenschein using D-M soundex search type, the entry for
Rosenshein (note the anglicized spelling) for Izabelin, Belarus will show
up. Izabelin is located within the 50 miles distance >from Pruzhany. It
could be a match.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary. Alberta

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