Re: Camenetz or Podolsk #general

Alexander Sharon

"marie darrer" wrote:

... On the declaration his birth place is said to be Camenetz, but
on the petition it is said to be Podolsk. Can anyone suggest what I
should do to reconcile these two bits of information.

Podolia (Ukrainian: Podilia) where >from "Podolsk" is derived, is the
name of the historical region located in the modern Ukraine.
It has been ruled in the past by Poland and Russia.

During the Russian Imperial rule this region was known as Podolskaya
Guberniya (The Governorship or Province).

Current town name in Ukrainian is Kamyanets Podilskiy but one will often
encounter its previous Russian equivalent name, Kamenets Podolskiy when
searching through the genealogical sources.

Known Jewish gazetteer, WOWW, provides another alternatives for this town
name: Kamenets Podolsk and Komenitz Podolsk.

As to summarize: town name is Kamenets Podolskiy (as it listed in 404
entries in JGFF dtabase).

Alexander Sharon
CAlagary, Alberta

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