Bakalarz/Szkolnik and Duchowny - Help, please. #general

Kirsten Gradel <kmgradel@...>

I just received Polish records >from Salt Lake City and need help with a
few words:

1. I find two different words for teacher: Bakalarz and Szkolnik. Is
there a difference - if yes, which?

2. In a D record >from Lublin 1843 I read: died Rubin GRADEL, born and
living in Lublin "Zonaty Dzielny Duchowny" age 51, son of ... etc.

Zonaty(married) dzielny(district) Duchowny?? My dictionary says the word
has to do with clergy. In this context could it mean district synagogue?
Or that his marriage (abt. 1815-20 judging >from the age of him and his
children) is recorded in the district church register?


Kirsten Gradel, Denmark

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