Re: Bakalarz/Szkolnik and Duchowny - Help, please. #general

Alexander Sharon

"Kirsten Gradel" wrote

I just received Polish records >from Salt Lake City and need help
with a few words:

1. I find two different words for teacher: Bakalarz and Szkolnik. Is
there a difference - if yes, which?
Bakalarz - is an archaic Polish for teacher, word is actually adopted
from Latin and is associated with the scholar baccalaureate [bachelor]
degree (BA). This is of course Polish translation of the word: melamed
(teacher in Hebrew)

Szkolnik - is a stodent, word is derived >from Polish szkola (school in
various Slavic) This is again Polish translation, in the real Jewish
word "szkolnik" was known as 'the bukher'

2. In a D record >from Lublin 1843 I read: died Rubin GRADEL, born and
living in Lublin "Zonaty Dzielny Duchowny" age 51, son of ... etc.
"Zonaty dzielny duchowny" as you have exactly written it, Kristen means:
"married brave clergymen". <grin>

To make Rubin Gradel a district rabbi, it should be written as: 'zonaty
dzielnicowy duchowny', where "dzielnica" identifies suburb, region,
council or any other administration entity.

Zonaty(married) dzielny(district) Duchowny?? My dictionary says the
word has to do with clergy. In this context could it mean district
synagogue? Or that his marriage (abt. 1815-20 judging >from the age
of him and his children) is recorded in the district church register?
Were there any periods in between the words?
It most probably identifies Rubin as the married, religious servant
(rabbi) of the local council

Kirsten Gradel, Denmark
You are welcome, Kirsten

Alexander Sharon

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