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Howard Margol <homargol@...>

I would like some clarification on the following message posted on the
Jewishgen Digest. I have been repeatedly told by the Kaunas Archive that
they have no Jewish vital records, per se. They do have some vital records
but they are there only as part of other records, i.e. court records,
wills, etc. In other words, the Kaunas archive is not able to search for a
particular vital record. In researching a court record they may find one
or more vital records but that would be by accident and not by design.
Unfortunately, the court records, wills, police records, etc. are not
indexed and finding a particular record is very difficult.

The answer of whether the vital records were obtained >from the Kaunas
archive, or >from the Historical Archive in Vilnius, is important to me. On
the Litvak SIG FAQ's, on Jewishgen, I have stated that the Kaunas archive
does not have vital records and I would very much like for the FAQ's to be

Howard Margol
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From: "Stanley Judd" <>

<<I requested that the Lithuanian Archives send me all data on all
BRILLIANTS born, married or who died for Kaunas. For those of you
who may be interested, that data are given below. There were only
births, no deaths or marriages. Their translation of the name

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