Documents from the Ukraine #general

susan farb

Dear Genners,

I am trying to reach the Ukranian Consulate in
Chicago. Their telephone hours are 3-4pm Mon, Tue,
Thur, and Fri, and 9-12 on Wed. So far, I have been
unable to reach anyone. They have a handy list of
where to write for documents for all former members of
the Soviet Union that are independent countries, along
with a form that you can print out. I am confused
over the fees. Are these the fees for documents on
people that are still living? If you write directly
to an address for your ancestor's documents, can you
receive a reply directly and avoid the consular fee of
$40. I would greatly appreciate the help of anyone
from the Chicago area to find this out. Susan Farb,
Dallas, TX USA

Researching EDELSTEIN, Kalvarija Lithuania; FARB and
LERNER >from Podhajce, Ukraine (Galicia), RUBENSTEIN,
LEVY, HARRIS, AND SHAPIRO >from somewhere in Russia.

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