Re: Looking up something in the census #general

Dr.Katalin Got

I do have the same problem. Trying to find data about my Great
Uncle Bertalan(Berci) GESCHEIT who migrated >from Balassagyarmat to U.S.
between 1910-20.Possibly lived in Bronx. His niece Gizella SELYMES (KOHN)
did,she followed her uncle in 1920 and lived in Bronx XXXX Valentine Ave
for 30 years.
Any help would be aporeciated.
Katalin Got

At 02:38 PM 13-03-02 +0000, you wrote:
Just wondered - how does on access a census. For example, the one in the
Bronx, NY about 1925.

Any suggestions?

Leonard Nadler
Silver Spring, MD

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