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Rick Spears <rspears@...>

Marie, You may be able to go to your main library in your town and look it
up. Start with the 1920 Census. Have the librarian help you find the soundex
spelling of the name which will look something like: K-122 etc. Then look in
the census book for the correct microfilm for that particular soundex. The
microfilm will be an alphabetical index of each soundex name. Find the
correct soundex on the film, there may be many on one film and search for
the last name you are looking for and then the first name. If you are lucky
to find the correct name, THEN you can go seach the actual census using the
information on the index to find the exact microfilm that has his census.

Its not as hard as it sounds...

Rick Spears

"marie darrer" <> wrote in message

How do I go about looking up an address in the US census? I want to
check on an address in both 1910 and 1920. I would also like to look up
2 surnames in those years. The address is in Brooklyn.
Thanks to everyone for the help of late, I am fortunate to have found
this group, and am incredibly lucky that there are so many knowledgeable
and helpful members!
Marie Darrer

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